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Gelato Pints

Classic Italian Style

With over 30 years of making artisan style gelato and premium frozen desserts, we only use locally sourced, all natural ingredients to assure one-of-a-kind delicious taste. The uniquely dense texture and old world intense flavors are what make our signature gelato popular throughout the country. 
14 flavors are available:

Gelato Truffle On A Stick

Taste the Difference!

Each 3.5oz Gelato Truffle is hand made with two creamy flavors wrapped over velvety chocolate fudge and coated with semi sweet chocolate and toasted almonds.
4 flavors are available:

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Gelato & Sorbet 3.5oz Cups

Smooth Refreshing taste!

100% hormone free milk and real fruits are used to craft our famous gelato and sorbet. These single serve desserts are made in small batches and unique to their businesses.
5 flavors are available:

Mad Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Go Snacking Mad!

A bite-sized ice cream sandwich treat made with clean, quality ingredients, and packed with natural flavor. These little treats are only 60 calories each, so go ahead, it’s more than okay to sneak a few!
5 flavors are available:

Best Selling Products

6pk Gelato Pints

Choose 6 of your favorite gelato pints. 14 authentic flavors available.

6pk Gelato Truffles ​

Choose 6 of your favorite Al Gelato Truffle On A Stick. 4 flavors available.

12pk Gelato Cups

Choose 12 of your favorite Al Gelato 3.5oz cups. 5 flavors available.

Customers Reviews

Creating smiles, one spoonful at a time, with artisan style gelato and sorbets made with hormone-free milk from happy cows!

This is my favorite gelato and by far the best pistachio anything I've ever eaten. It is so intense, and it's aromatic. DON'T FORGET TO TRY THE PISTACHIO IF YOU ARE A PISTACHIO FAN. Thank you, Al Gelato.
Eric S.
WOW. I just had this for the first time.... sea salt pistachio... it was FANTASTIC!! Felt like I was back in Italy.... creamy and delicious with amazing pistachio flavor and pieces of nuts. It's my new go to, Talenti is good but this beats it!
Laura L.
We tried the Red Raspberry flavor at HarvesTime Foods, and my 3-year-old daughter just loved it! I bought a pint for her and myself a pint of Pistachio, which is always my favorite:)
Jennifer D.



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