From Calabria to Chicago for the Love of Gelato


Following her Italian roots, Claire Sisco learned the art of Gelato in Calabria Italy.


In 1977, she took her talents to Elmwood Park, Illinois and opened Al Gelato, a modest Cafe and Gelateria. Using old world intense flavors Calabria is famous for, Claire hand-crafted the best Gelato and Sorbet you could find. Fans came from far and wide to taste the difference.


Today, we lovingly make Gelato and Sorbet in small batches to honor Claire's tradition and vision for the freshest, most authentic, and best tasting Gelato you can indulge in. We use the same award winning Calabria recipes and our premium, all natural ingredients are free of preservatives or artificial colors. Our hormone-free milk comes from happy cows at a nearby family owned Dairy. Our Gelato and Sorbets are gluten free and certified Kosher and Halal.


We invite you to "Taste the Difference".





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