Al Gelato Chicago

Al Gelato Chicago Introduces Gelato Truffles On A Stick

We’re proud to announce the release of our Gelato Truffles on a Stick. These Gelato Truffles are individually packaged and suitable for sale at Supermarkets as well as Food Service accounts.

Each 3.5oz Gelato Truffle is hand made with two creamy flavors wrapped over velvety chocolate fudge and coated with semi sweet chocolate and toasted almonds. Four Gelato Truffles were launched:

Vanilla & Pistachio; Chocolate & Cappuccino; Vanilla & Sea Salt Caramel and Chocolate & Strawberry.

Privately owned, Al Gelato Chicago is a local favorite since 1977. Founder Claire Sisco brought the art of Gelato making with her from Calabria Italy. Today we use the same old world intense flavors that Calabria is famous for. Our Gelato is made in small batches to honor Claire’s vision for the freshest, most authentic and best tasting Gelato you can indulge in. Ingredients are free of preservatives and artificial colors, hormone free milk and cream, no corn syrup and certified Kosher and Halal.

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