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The Al Gelato Chicago “How Sweet It Is” Contest

As you are baking for the Holidays we would like to offer you a chance to enter a sweet recipe contest. You see, we have this amazing slow-churned gelato but it’s a little lonely in a bowl or a plate without a nice piece of pie, or cake or even some cookies.

We are interested in sharing dessert recipes on our site that would be great to serve with gelato. If you’re not in the baking mood and if you have some creative entertaining suggestions or even ways to serve gelato in a beverage or to a crowd we would love to showcase your creativity on our website.

To make this contest even sweeter, we will be awarding prizes ranging from $200 to $50 to the top entries selected by our staff.


Suggestions for Entries

We welcome and encourage your creativity. We look forward to dessert recipes such as cakes, cookies and pies that could be served with gelato or sorbet. You may have an idea of a dessert that could be made with gelato or sorbet such as a layered frozen pie or gelato sandwich. Perhaps you have an idea for a beverage such as a shake, smoothie, or even a festive adult beverage or coffee drink. The possibilities are endless and we also welcome serving suggestions such as a gelato bar or festive ways to serve gelato in an edible container. There are so many ways to eat gelato and we look forward to your entry!


Management of Entries and Selection of Winners

We will select our three favorite entries to win a cash prize of either $200, $100 or $50. All entries that meet the entry specifications will be voted on by staff at al Gelato Chicago and the winners will be notified by 2/1/16. All entries, recipes, graphics and photo graphics will become the property of al Gelato Chicago. We plan on publishing the top entries on our website and will be happy to give attribution if the desired attribution is included in the entry. We are also happy to include a clickable link to those who enter who have a food or lifestyle blog that is consistent with the taste of our customers. We may modify the format or text if necessary prior to publishing on our site to provide a uniform format.


“How Sweet It Is” Contest Terms and Rules and Directions For Submission

Submit a recipe, serving suggestion, or entertainment idea that includes gelato or sorbet in a text document to by January 15, 2016. In order to be considered for the contest the entries must contain the following:

  • An unpublished recipe, entertainment idea or serving suggestion using al Gelato Chicago Gelato or Sorbet. Recipes can include gelato or sorbet as an ingredient or they could be recipes for desserts that could be served with a scoop of gelato or sorbet. If there is a specific flavor or gelato or sorbet that would be best to accompany your entry feel free to specify.
  • Entries that include a written description and photos will be given extra consideration.
  • Graphics must be original, not watermarked and not purchased stock photos. You are welcome to include several photos with both vertical and horizontal orientations.
  • Photos can contain a container of al Gelato Chicago gelato or sorbet, but that is not necessary for entry. No purchase is required to enter.
  • Entries must be received by 1/15/16 at midnight
  • Entries must include the name, address and daytime telephone number of the person entering, You are also encouraged to include your twitter handle, Instagram name or Facebook business page if applicable.
  • This contest is open to individuals 18 years and older who live in the Continental US.
  • A statement of how you would like to be credited for their entry is welcome. Options include first name, first name and last initial, first and last name or first name and blog url. We are happy to include the url of food and lifestyle blogs that would be of interest to our customers
  • All entries, graphics and photos become the property of al Gelato Chicago and by way of submission, permission is granted for al Gelato Chicago to publish said entries on social media and on the al Gelato Chicago website.
  • By entering this contest indicates that you agree to the rules of this contest as of the date submitted.

More About al Gelato Chicago

We make slow churned gelato and sorbet which is sold in multiple retail locations in the Chicago area and is also served in fine dining establishments and in the Friendly Skies of United Airlines.

We offer 14 flavors in pint sized containers including the following flavors:

Banana Fudge with Peanut Butter Truffles

Sea Salt Caramel with Caramel Truffles

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Coconut with Chocolate Covered Almonds

Cookies & Cream


Italian Vanilla

Lemon Sorbet

Pacific Mango

Mint Chip

Sea Salt Pistachio

Red Raspberry with Caramel Truffles



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