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Our creamy, dense gelato and sorbets are slow churned to feature old world, intense flavor. Our all natural ingredients, locally sourced, assure delicious taste. We use hormone free milk in all our gelato products, and real fruit in our fruit gelato and sorbets. Naturally gluten-free, all our products are certified Kosher and Halal. 


What we do

We regularly produce gelato and sorbet in small batches for freshness and create over sixty flavors.  We package our gelato and sorbet in 2.5 gallon tubs, 5 liter pans, and retail pints. In addition, we lovingly make gelato truffles, gelato truffles on sticks, gelato pops, spumoni, and chocolate covered bananas. 


What we have done

We have been making artisan style gelato, sorbet and premium frozen desserts for over 30 years. We started out humbly in a small Oak Park, Illinois café. Then, we moved to larger digs in Elmwood Park, and later we moved into our Intergalactic Gelato HQ in Franklin Park, IL. You have probably enjoyed our gelato at some of your favorite restaurants. Our artisan style batches and single serve desserts have a handmade look and wonderful smooth refreshing taste.  Many are tempted to say their gelato is homemade because certain flavors are unique to their businesses.  Al GELATO travels first class around the globe, a true jet setter. Our gelato and sorbet are traditional treats for holidays, neighborhood fests and gastronomical “tastes” for any season or event . AL GELATO is the perfect treat to share with friends, family or to end a perfect day.



Al Gelato Chicago is committed to making the best quality gelato and sorbet desserts.  Our hormone-free milk and gelato mixes are sourced from a nearby, family owned farm. We use the finest ingredients and packaging provided by reputable and certified manufacturers and suppliers. We have HACCP trained employees and our own HACCP plan. Our goal is to provide the safest and best quality product to our customers and their families. Certified Kosher and Halal. 

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